Marginality Projects
  1. Mainstreaming Inclusive Resilience in South Asia

    (November 2018-December 2019)

  2. Social Processes and Individual Behaviour: A Qualitative Study of Public Service Delivery in Informally Settled Areas of Karachi

    (June 2017-November 2018)

  3. Framework Towards an Inclusive City: Karachi

    (March 2016-September 2016)

  4. Sindh Social Protection Policy

    (November 2015-May 2016)

  5. Being an Adolescent in Karachi

    (October 2013-October 2016)

  6. Impact Evaluation of DFID's Elections Programmes in Pakistan

    (September 2013-September 2014)

  7. Understanding Conflict in Swat

    (August 2013-June 2014)

  8. Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility

    (September 2012-April 2016)

  9. Financial Inclusion and Literacy

    (May 2012-September 2012)

  10. Impact Assessment of DFID's Improved Citizens Engagement through Devolution (ICED) project

    (February 2012-May 2012)

  11. Kinship Groups and Marginality

    (December 2011-December 2019)

  12. Power Mapping Indus for All Programme-WWF

    (October 2011-April 2012)

  13. Land Rights and Indus Floods 2010

    (October 2010-March 2011)

  14. Poverty and Social Protection Specialist Inputs for Test Phase Process Evaluation of Benazir Income Support Programme

    (July 2009-February 2010)

  15. Food Security in Pakistan

    (July 2009-December 2010)

  16. Politics of Land Reform in Pakistan

    (January 2008-September 2008)

  17. Background Paper on Social Structures and Migration for the Balochistan Economic Report

    (December 2006-February 2007)

  18. Social Marginalisation and Education in Pakistan

    (August 2006-January 2007)

  19. Citizenship and Social Protection: Towards a 'Transformative' Agenda for Pakistan

    (May 2005-March 2006)

  20. Poverty Specialist Inputs to Balochistan Rural Development and Drought Mitigation Project

    (March 2005-August 2005)

  21. Irregular Migration and Non-Traditional Security Threats

    (January 2005-August 2006)

  22. International Migrants and the City

    (April 2004-December 2004)

  23. Swedish Development from the Developing Country Perspective

    (March 2004-January 2005)

  24. Poverty and Access to Land in South Asia

    (January 2004-May 2004)

  25. Survey of Bonded Labour

    (November 2003-March 2004)

  26. Labour Markets and Poverty in Pakistan

    (October 2003-February 2004)

  27. Rapid Assessments of Bonded Labour

    (November 2002-March 2003)