Impact Evaluation of DFID's Elections Programmes in Pakistan
(September 2013 - September 2014)

The Collective has been commissioned by the Department of International Development, UK in Pakistan (DFID) to conduct an impact evaluation of its portfolio of elections programmes which consists of two main programmes - Support to Electoral Reform in Pakistan (SERP) and Supporting Transparency Accountability and Electoral Processes (STAEP). The evaluation will be used to provide evidence of the contribution SERP and STAEP have made to changes in voter turnout in the 2013 elections and to strengthening of democratic processes in Pakistan. A Contribution Analysis approach is being utilized and a range of quantitative and qualitative methods will be used for data collection and analysis including stakeholder interviews, community-based fieldwork in eight constituencies across Pakistan, quantitative analysis of data from elections and voter surveys and analysis of broader contextual determinants of political outcomes in Pakistan. Lessons learnt from the evaluation will be used to inform design of future election programmes in Pakistan.

Publications and Papers

Mysbah Balagamwala and Haris Gazdar, Impact Evaluation of DFIDs Electoral Programmes in Pakistan. DFID and Collective for Social Science Research. September 2014.
Keywords: Elections