Asiya Jawed

Academic Background

BA Psychology and International Relations, Mount Holyoke College, US.

Research Experience

Asiya has worked in a research lab that deals with issues faced by sexual and gender minority individuals at Mount Holyoke’s psychology department. She was also involved in a research project focusing on the psycho-social problems faced by Bhutanese refugees residing in West Springfield.

In addition to her research experience, she interned as a Development and Outreach Intern at Human Rights Watch (HRW) in New York, and as a Research Intern at Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films and The Recovery House Rehabilitation Centre in Karachi.

At the Collective, she is primarily focusing on the Action for empowerment and accountability (A4EA) research programme.

Research Interests

Public Policy, Public Health, Community Development

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Haleema Hasan and Asiya Jawed, Why COVID-19 is Fatal for Children. Collective Blog. December 2020.

    Keywords: Covid-19

  2. Asiya Jawed, Healthcare Workers’ Mobilization in Pakistan. Collective Blog. November 2020.

    Keywords: Covid-19

  3. Asiya Jawed, Performative Protests in Pakistan. Collective Blog. November 2019.