Rehan Jamil

Academic Background

PhD. Candidate in Political Science, Brown University.
Masters in International Affairs (Economics and Political Development), Columbia University.
BA Oberlin College.

Research Experience

Rehan Rafay Jamil is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Brown University and a visiting researcher at the Collective for Social Science Research. His dissertation examines the political origins and citizenship impacts of Pakistan’s largest social safety net: The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP).

Research Interests

Poverty, social protection, distributive politics, citizenship.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Rehan Jamil, BISP, Citizenship and Rights Claims in Pakistan. Collective Blog. March 2019.

Press Publications

  1. Kabeer Dawani and Rehan Jamil, Covid-19 and the Limits of Pakistan's Fractured Welfare System. Collective Blog. June 2020.

    Keywords: Covid-19

  2. Kabeer Dawani and Rehan Jamil, Rethinking Pakistan’s welfare systems after Covid-19. Dawn. May 2020.

Collective Seminars

  1. Rehan Jamil, The Impact of Cash Transfers on Women’s Citizenship in Pakistan - A Household Survey Analysis, Collective Seminar 2019-08, 13 Dec 2019.

  2. Rehan Jamil, Social Policy and Changing Citizenship Boundaries, Collective Seminar 2019-04, 25 Apr 2019.