Sana Naqvi

Academic Background

BSc (Honors) in Political Science from Lahore University of Management Science.

Research Experience

A recent graduate from LUMS, Sana’s senior year project on explored how the geo-strategic position has hampered the development of democratic institutions in Pakistan. She has previously worked on research projects on educational and health initiatives which catered to the impoverished part of the Pakistani polity as well as women empowerment and underdevelopment in third world countries.

Research Interests

Development, women, democracy and institutionalism.

Reports and Publications at the Collective

  1. Ayesha Khan, Zonia Yousuf Baltistani and Sana Naqvi, Women Politicians Navigating the "Hostile Environment" in Pakistan. IDS Bulletin. Volume 51, Issue 2, pages 43-62. September 2020.

  2. Ayesha Khan and Sana Naqvi, Dilemmas of Representation: Women in Pakistan’s Assemblies. Asian Affairs. Volume 51, Issue 2, pages 286-306. May 2020.

  3. Ayesha Khan and Sana Naqvi, Empowering Women Politicians in Pakistan: Views from Within. IDS Policy Briefing 168, Brighton: Institute of Development Studies. April 2019.

  4. Sana Naqvi, Deconstruction of #MeToo and the new-age feminist movement. Collective Blog. December 2018.

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  6. Sana Naqvi, Identity Search: Women and Social Media Politics. Collective Blog. June 2018.

  7. Sana Naqvi, Jihadi Vogue. Collective Blog. September 2017.

    Keywords: Democracy, Terrorism, Women

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