Migration, Development and Pro-Poor Policy Choices in Asia

(March 2003 - June 2003)

Migration - internal as well as international - has been a crucial factor in the historical experience of development and poverty reduction. The issue needs to receive greater attention in the policy debate. The Department for International Development commissioned a number of country studies in Asia (Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam) to begin a research and policy dialogue on the migration-poverty linkage. The Collective was commissioned by the Rural Support Programmes Network to prepare the Pakistan country study. The study was a desk-based strategic review of the poverty reduction implications of both internal and international migration in Pakistan. The studies were presented and discussed at a regional conference in Dhaka in June 2003.
Publications and Papers
  1. Haris Gazdar, A Review of Migration Issues in Pakistan. Paper prepared for and presented at the Regional Conference on Migration, Development and Pro-Poor Policy Choices in Asia jointly organized by the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit, Bangladesh, and the Department for International Development, UK, 22-24 June 2003 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Keywords: Migration, Poverty