Country Background Report: Trade Unions in Pakistan

(October 2006 - November 2006)

The Dutch Government, as part of its Trade Union Co-Financing Scheme, conducts research into developing countries' trade union activity. The Trade Union Co-Financing Scheme aims to promote international co-operation between the Dutch trade unions, CNV (Christian Netherlands Trade Union Federation) and FNV (Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) and trade unions in developing countries. In Pakistan, CNV and FNV's partners are APTUC (All Pakistan Trade Union Congress) and PILER(Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research) respectively. Berenschot and the Institute of Social Studies were conducting this research on behalf of the Dutch Foreign Ministry. The Collective was engaged to write a country background report on Pakistan. The report elaborates on socio-economic situation and policies in the country and delves particularly into the labour market (including the informal sector). Furthermore the two partner organizations, APTUC and PILER, are examined.
Publications and Papers
  1. Asad Sayeed and Ayesha Ibrahim, Country Background Report: Trade Unions in Pakistan. Berenschot and Institute of Social Studies, Hague. November 2006.

    Keywords: Labour