IDS Bulletin, Volume 44, Issue 3

(May 2013)

This special issue of the IDS Bulletin, supported by DFID, focuses on undernutrition in Pakistan. The collection of 12 articles (1) describe the nutrition status and its correlates and causes, (2) assess some of the interventions employed to reduce undernutrition, and (3) analyse the political economy of undernutrition in Pakistan. The Bulletin highlights determinants, features and strategies to overcome the problem undernutrition in Pakistan.
Publications and Papers
  1. Lawrence Haddad, Shehla Zaidi and Haris Gazdar, Investing in Nutrition. Dawn. October 13, 2013.

  2. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Haris Gazdar and Lawrence Haddad, Seeing the Unseen: Breaking the Logjam of Undernutrition in Pakistan. IDS Bulletin, 44: 1-9. May 2013.

    Keywords: Nutrition

  3. Haris Gazdar and Hussain Bux Mallah, Inflation and Food Security in Pakistan: Impact and Coping Strategies. IDS Bulletin, 44: 31-3. May 2013.